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Your Transportation Ground Handler in Cuba

By working with the local transport providers in Cuba, we can offer you the widest possible choice of transportation for your itinerary planning which includes a choice of Transfers, Car Hire and Domestic Flights.

Transportation Ground Handler in Cuba. DMC

Shared Transfers

A comfortable shared transfer network operating daily on a number of routes, an economical choice for your clients.

Transportation Ground Handler in Cuba. DMC

Private Transfers

A more personal and bespoke way for your clients to travel in Cuba!  If your client would like one of the local guides to accompany their journey, please just ask!

Cuba Shuttle Network

Connections every day, between all of Cuba’s major tourist locations, including some longer routes.  Great for building tailor-made itineraries for your clients, with our help of course!

Transportation Ground Handler in Cuba. DMC

Taxi Transfers

A leisurely, informal way to travel.  The driver can make stops en route or travel on more unusual routes so there is a chance to explore a little more.

Transportation Ground Handler in Cuba. DMC

Sightseeing Transfers

A unique and creative travel service whereby your clients can enjoy a longer distance transfer with a guide on board and a number of carefully chosen sightseeing stops en route!

Sightseeing transfers are available on a private or a shared transfer basis